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Turnkey Automation Solutions-

With any new project correct planning is essential, we believe strongly in following proven design procedures.
URS - (User Requirement Specification) at this stage we need to know your plant and process. This allows us to define important parameters and get the detail to start your design.

P and ID - (Process and Instrumentation Drawing) Once flows, speeds or temperatures have been defined we can work to or create a P&ID drawing.  Our design incorporates all the technical specification to ensure the correct field sensors and actuators are selected.

FDS - (Functional Design Specification) this is where we finalize the detail giving important control information and operator functionality. A good FDS is invaluable and can be used for the product lifecycle to ensure design functions are retained on site.

Electrical Design - Electrical drawings are not just schematics but give consideration to field wiring and component reliability. Our preferred design method is AutoCAD, but we are also able to offer drawings in E-Plan.

Control Panel Build and Installation - We work closely with panel builders and installation companies to ensure our price is competitive, and so that we can meet demand and ensure that quality standards are always met.
Software Development - Our Company specializes in providing good usable software which is accurately documented.  We have 10 years experience in PLC, SCADA and HMI programming.
FAT - (Factory Acceptance Test) at each stage of the project we believe in thorough testing, which allows any issues to be resolved before they arrive on site.  We encourage our customers to be involved and work closely in getting as much right before commissioning as possible.

Commissioning - During the commissioning phase of any new plant we recognize the unpredictability associated with the process and do everything within our control to ensure that we not only protect people but your assets. Project Handover - Is a significant part of the project and we spend time working closely with you to ensure you understand the design principles and operational requirements. Once a project is complete we are available for support and work closely with our customers to ensure we develop a long term relationship.
  PLC Programming-


We have experience in programming all major brands of PLC and specialize in Allen Bradley Contrologix and Siemens Step 5 (S5) & Siemens Step 7 (S7). Our company specialises in field bus applications, whether you want to add remote devices on proprietary bus’s or use third party equipment we have the knowledge and experience to help. We have experience of Profibus DP and PA, Device Net, Control Net, Asi and Ethernet so no matter what system you need to integrate or modify we can get your project completed.

As machine safety progresses we are at the forefront of our industry and have successfully worked with safety PLC's successfully integrating Gaurd Logix Controllers.
We also have experience of redundancy systems of hot swap/live standby devices for critical plant.  Including HV systems and data centres.

  HMI Programming-


We have experience in developing new applications and modifying existing projects.
By listening to your requirements we can provide a package that gives you the information you need. Good HMI programming gives more than just operator control.  Our aim is to listen to your requirements and give you the solution to optimise your plant or process

Systems we have worked on:

WinCC Flex, Factorytalk ME Easy, Builder Panel View 32 and Protool. So if you’re looking for a new system or an upgrade we are able to meet and exceed your needs.

  SCADA Programming-


As SCADA packages become more powerful so does the information they can provide from plant operation to availability and utilization monitoring.  We believe in clean well design SCADA's that highlights the important information.
We have experience of implementing new SCADA’s and modification to original packages. We specialize in process control, and data collection. Some of our projects include creating new recipe control systems, designing face plates and setting up trends to capture data.  We have extensive knowledge of WinCC and integration into S7 Projects.

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